For the duration of 2017,  artist and educator, Emily Tareila will be contributing artwork to our monthly Full Moon Blessings.
Read on for more about Bright Power, Emily's other moon focused ongoing project for 2017.
Tell us a bit about your current project, Bright Power:

Well, it’s a year-long, participatory project for all of 2017 that uses the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse, August 21st, as a catalyst for thinking about our relationships to ourselves, one another and the planet. After the election, I was seeking a framework to think through how to contribute positively to a future world I hope to see and help co-create.

So what is the framework for the project?

Every New and Full Moon are dedicated days that I (and about 75 other people in cahoots with the project) are spending slowing down, looking, listening, talking, cooking, reflecting.

I’m sending out a bi-monthly newsletter of sorts sharing reflections, questions, prompts, resources, and more, with contributions from participants. This project aims to connect people together far and wide while also giving importance to what’s happening at home (and in the heart and body).

The New Moons are for inward rejuvenation: spending time alone, reflecting, being quiet, writing, drawing, reading, cooking nourishing food, etc. Full Moons are spent with others and focus on communal meals with small groups of people having conversation and sharing together on a monthly basis.

The framework is flexible in nature and meant to fold into people’s lives as it allows, as it feels right. I myself am also doing a Words of Encouragement postcard correspondence series on New and Full Moons as a part of the project and cooking from Jessica Prentice’s Full Moon Feast.

Can you talk more about the use of the New and Full Moons?

I'm interested in re-evaluating my relationship to time: how can we warm time, make it more compassionate? Many Western folks' relationships to time are based on hours in a day, mostly related to labor or getting away from labor (ie capitalism and imperialism). Using these days to reconnect with the lunar cycle that dictates our tides, the growing cycles of plants, fertility and more feels like a small, positive act of resistance in and of itself: a claiming of power within our bodies.  

Is there anything that you’re doing for the eclipse specifically?

Yes! The shape that the eclipse is making across the continent is called The Path of Totality (very cool). I’m going to be driving the shape, which makes its way from South Carolina to Oregon, this spring, to document the land. During the eclipse, this band of earth will be blocked from our life force, the sun. I’m also gathering a group of people in Idaho for the eclipse itself.

Sitting Woman Beeswax Candle - There she sits, 100% USA beeswax

2017 Twenty Four Hour Woman Celebrating women who make the world go round one day at a time. 

The Lady PuzzleThis 9-piece puzzle celebrates the female form in its many shapes and colors. 

Fur OilFur is the first range of products designed to specifically care for the pubic hair and skin. 

Rose Nectar Potion  Add some to a cocktail or take a few drops for some extra sacred self love.

Boobs Dopp Kit Our simple barrel-shaped toiletry bag // dopp kit // lotion pouch //  is a good thing to have around.

Standing Woman Beeswax Candle
- Joyful beeswax woman! 

The Cunt Coloring Book - From maker Tee Corinne: "In 1973 I set out to do drawings of women's genitals for use in sex education groups. I wanted the drawings to be lovely and informative, to give pleasure and affirmation."

California Native Plant Postcards
A set of 12 4x6" postcards printed on premium felt cover stock, 3 cards for each season. 

Ceramic Connector - The ceramic connector by Miwak Junior is an object of beauty in both form and function

Balance Pipe - The first pipe released under the Tetra brand is also the first glass pipe to which design considerations have been meticulously applied.

The Inverness Almanac Fall 2016 -  Made up of the work of dozens of contributors, assembled and published by five friends, this journal celebrates the inner and outer landscapes encountered within our particular confluence of time, place, and people.

Sneaky Snake Notebook - This notebook is ready for planning, doodling, and scheming.

SLIP-N-SNIP Folding Scissors - Good for the sewing box, tackle box, Auntie's rolling tin (that's where we came by a pair for the first time), your earthquake preparedness box, and your in-flight knitting bag. That's right they're TSA O.K.

Zoe's Lady Vase Moon
- A magical vase by Berkeley potter, Zoe Dering. 

The Moon Divas Guidebook - Spirited self-care for women in transition.

Spirit Speak Tarot Deck With Mary's Spirit Speak Tarot deck this bewilderment is no longer an issue - her cards are intended to be accessible to all and easy to draw meaning from. The tarot deck features line drawings of symbolic imagery and comes with an illustrated guidebook explaining each card in such a way that you can infer your message with a little more clarity.

Iris Oracle Deck We love this oracle deck. Each card is beautiful to look at, and the accompanying booklet is filled with beautiful comforting words that go with each card. Perfect for anyone, and any level of experience in pulling cards. 

Sage Smudge Stick -  Get those good vibes.

Palo SantoSimilar to sage in its ability to clear the energy when burned, ignite your stick of Palo Santo as you would incense.

2017 Many Moons Calendar Spirals intelligently map the phases of the moon as it surges and ebbs month by month through the year.

Luna Card - A beautiful card of the big moon

Bell -  Brass temple bell for rituals and beauty. 

Boundaries in a Bottle -  Witch-crafted, on the full moon eclipse, this spray helps to purify and protect you and your surroundings.
Golden Waves Sea Salt Spray This golden magic works well on all hair colors, adding life, shine, and strength to your tresses. Stroll through a sunbeam and watch your organic glam make heads turn!

Face Creme -  Perfect for those with drier complexions looking to improve hydration while smoothing out the appearance of any fine lines. 

Eye Coal Channel yourself a little Sea or Sky God or Goddess! You know they are in there, wanting to come out! Btw’s Lapis is a gorgeous, precious blue stone that Cleopatra used to get ground into her own version of Eye Coal. 

Lip Paint  Clay Idol -  The color is subtle yet just the right amount of surprising.

Everyday Oil -  The Mainstay blend has a signature blend of 100% organic cold-pressed plant oils; Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba and Organic Castor Oil.  The essential oils are the Everyday Oil Mainstays : Palo Santo, Lavender, Geranium and Clary Sage.

Goe Oil  -  Goe Oil contains 28 natural fruit and flower oils. It's an all over body oil so with it you can moisturize skin, remove makeup, tame frizz and add shine to hair, soften elbows, heal after too much sunshine and even use as a massage oil when the need arises. 

Deodorant Cream  -  For the guy or gal who doesn't want to stink, and that includes the stink of artificial fresh floral baby powder or artificial rollicking rustic bay rum sporty something that is blue-green.

Fur Oil - Fur is the first range of products designed to specifically care for the pubic hair and skin. 

Small Night Landscape Pouch $42 - A small pouch for mini essentials.

Lip Jao -  We like to have one of these with us at all times. 

OLO Fragrance Dark WaveCardamom, Indonesian Vetiver, and Wood do the trick.

Silver Confetti Sparkle Barrette  -  This sparkly barrette will keep your hair in place for fancy French twists or simple hasty up dos.

ACB Cubes Chandelier Earring - 
Movers and shakers. Hand-cut hammered shapes, satin gold finish

Micaela Greg Rib Turtleneck Nude  -  An exceptionally soft turtleneck with variegated rib pattern, cut close to the body with a long, lean silhouette.

Vallauris Dress in Tomato  -  Another update to our classic Gemini dress. A dress for really any occasion but it is a little fancy. It's cocktail appropriate but also ideal with tennies for running to the flower market.

Micaela Greg Parallel Pullover Super soft, merino wool pullover with rolled sleeve cuff detail and a raised neckline for added coziness. Horizontal rib stitch creates the perfect drape.

Large Pouch in Night Landscape - This pouch is quite large and fits most anything you might need to carry to leave the house; phone, banana, wallet and keys. Raw silk gives this pouch a luxe feeling.

Cheap Chic - For years this fashion bible was very hard to track down. Lucky for us (and you) it has been reprinted as a 40th Anniversary Edition. 

Micaela Greg Bevel Sweater A luxurious, boxy cut knit sweater with beautiful transferring diagonal rib texture, in a striking ochre color. Made from the softest Italian merino wool.

Micaela Greg Beret in Rust A mid-weight beret style knit hat made from the softest merino wool.

Takara Le Earrings - 
Hand sculpted and cast, 14k heavy gold plating.

Takara Falda Earrings -  Wonderful gilded leaf shape

Gravel & Gold Silk Scarf This silk scarf is versatile. Printed with 'Night Landscape' by Rainen Knecht, it is a bold, bright accessory.

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