Gravel & Gold Gals: Charlotte

We've put together little Q&A with each of our team members. This week is about Charlotte. Let's get to know each other shall we?

Q: What's your name and what role do you have at GG?

A: My name is Charlotte. I’m working retail at Gravel and Gold. I’m exploring some new skills of visual merchandising and I have a lot of fun moving everything around in the shop. I’m also the one behind the gifs and drawings that you see in the newsletter.

Q: Dog or cat person? Do you have any pets of your own?

A: No doubt, I’m a dog person. I was actually a dog walker when I was a student back in Belgium. Every time I can hang out with a dog I do it. I have a special thing for special needs dogs. I don’t have a dog yet but I want one. Also I currently watch an average of 10 dog videos a day (or maybe 20).

Q: What song are you dancing alone to lately?

A: I love this song « Evan Finds The Third Room » by Khruangbin and the music video makes me so happy. You should go check it out.

Q: What's your go-to work from home outfit?

A: It’s what I’m wearing right now - an old and big hoodie, my denim Painter Pant because no lie it is as comfortable as sweatpants and some wool socks.

Q: Are you a country mouse or a city mouse at heart?

A: I'm really inspired by the energy of the city; being surrounded by creative people keeps me motivated - that’s why I like working at Gravel and Gold. With that being said, I love to escape the city to ride my mountain bike in the Headlands.

Q: What's your favorite thing from GG you own?

A: My favorite piece is a sample button up shirt from a previous collection. It’s special to me because it is a gift from Holly. It’s a piece I will hold on to.

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