Altering Your Face Mask

Now that we've had a couple weeks to wear our masks around and get some feedback, we've got some simple alterations that might make your mask a little comfier.

If your mask doesn’t fit quite right, we have some tips for easy modification.
Too Loose
If the mask elastic is too loose and slides around on your head, you can tie a knot or fold it over itself and stitch it down.
Too Tight
If the elastic is too small and tight around your head, you can add a length of extra elastic or other material
Behind the Ears
If you prefer a behind the ears style, here is how to alter it:
1. Cut the top (longer) elastic in the middle
2. Cut off the lower (shorter) elastic
3. Measure the correct lengths to fit nicely around your ears
4. Stitch down the two elastics to the bottom corners of the mask:
Now it fits!

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