Fall Inspiration: Bauhaus Ballet

Oskar Schlemmer was a painter, sculptor, set designer, choreographer and teacher at the Bauhaus school. In 1922 in Stuttgart, Oskar Schlemmer created Das Triadische Ballet (The triadic Ballet) with music composed by Paul Hindemith. The video above is a 1970 adaptation of the 1922 production by the Bavaria Atelier. 
Das Triadische Ballet is a ballet based on the principle of the trinity: 3 acts, 3 participants, 12 dances and 18 costumes. Each act has its own mood and color.
Schlemmer was inspired by the movement of puppets and marionettes while choreographing this ballet. He first designed the costumes, then the choreography and music followed.
 These stunning costumes transform the human body to an abstract form and a sort of sculpture in movement.

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