Gravel & Gold Gal: Hayley

We've put together little Q&A with each of our team members. This week is about Hayley.
Let's get to know each other shall we?


Q: What's your name and what role do you have at GG?

A: Hi! My name is Hayley and my role at G&G is shop manager. I do things like keep products on our shelves and supplies in our back room. I also make products web-ready and try to wrangle the beast that is inventory.

Q: Dog or cat person? Do you have any pets of your own?

A: I’m a dog person for sure. But, my boyfriend is a cat person and his cats are now my roommates. We get along well but I’m still learning how to interact with them. I am also a part-time mom to Monk (pictured below), my family’s dog. He’s the sweetest and the floppiest.

Q: What song are you dancing alone to lately?

A: Shimmy by Midnight Sister or Tomboy by Princess Nokia 

Q: What's your go-to work from home outfit?

A: It’s the Nowe Jumpsuit in slate by G&G. It’s a hemp cotton blend. Super comfy like pajamas but I still feel stylish. It's from Fall 2018 I think?

Q: Are you a country mouse or a city mouse at heart?

A: I’m a city mouse. I love the ability to walk everywhere - to get coffee, to see a friend, to the farmers market. I love the energy of a city. But the reason i love SF so much is the country is just a short drive away! It’s healing and important to get into it often.

Q: What's your favorite thing from GG you own?

A: My natural painter pants are my favorite thing i own. I sized up for a slouchier look (good thing too cause this pandemic has got my belly growing!).  They’re comfy, sturdy, and effortlessly cool. Depending on what i wear with my pants i can feel like a sexy lady or a grungy tomboy - whatever mood I’m in my painter pants come along with me!


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