All Together Now: Not afraid to BBQ in White with Sam and Lizzy

All Together Now 

Not afraid to BBQ in white with Sam and Lizzy 

I met Lizzy at the movie theatre watching Mulan in elementary school. I think we were just crossing over and out of our diehard Disney fan days and so we were much more interested in one another than the movie. We became quick friends and now after over two decades we remain close.

Lizzy and her husband Sam recently moved back to our hometown in the east county of San Diego. They live just about a mile from the neighborhood I grew up in. It’s in the hills, full of old, spanish-style houses with terracotta tile roofs, and yards overflowing with succulents and citrus trees. Sam and Lizzy’s home is a primo example of this ubiquitous style. It’s a sprawling, multi-building place that looks in on a court yard featuring a huge olive tree that is older than the house, imported from Italy during construction. The house was built by the architect Cliff May who is credited with creating the California Ranch Style House in 1932. It’s a house made for entertaining and enjoying the sweetest fruit of southern California - good weather. So, it’s no surprise that when I visited for Lizzy’s birthday, we chose to cook outside on the Barbecue. 


 Where do you live and how long have you been there?

We've been back in San Diego for about 6 months. We decided to move back to Lizzy's hometown after years in LA and a brief time on the central coast working the winery circuit and doing organic farming work. 

How did the two of you meet?
The first and only time Lizzy joined a dating app. 

How do you spend your time individually?
Sam spends his free time surfing and thinking about a garden and Lizzy enjoys doting on herself after long hours working on her feet as a barber. 
How do you spend your time together?
We like to get out of town. We'll take off for a couple of days exploring the nearby mountains and desert, always on the lookout for a hot spring, lake or river to jump into. Our dog buns loves it too. When we're in town, we sometimes unwind at the local dive and pool hall, On Cue. Sam is a great cook so we enjoy his meals when there is time to do something elaborate. When he was farming on the central coast, we had beautiful produce all the time but it's harder to find here. 
How do you know Gravel & Gold?
We know Gravel & Gold through Tomra, Lizzy's oldest friend. 
*All Together Now is an image and short format interview series we created to connect with friends, family and community around our shared values and interests. 

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