2019 Holiday Gift Guides are here!


Welcome to the Gravel & Gold Gift Guides! Our attempt at making your gifting thoughtful and easy. 

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Gifts meant to lift a lady up and lighten her load!

The Twenty Four Hour Woman Calendar 

Menstrual Calendar 

Peace Sister 

Sitting woman beeswax candle 

Female Support System 

Boobs Pillowcase Cunt Coloring Book


For those who want to get more out of the day to day

Track the moon with our hand silk screened Moon Calendars, follow the stars with our Astrology Planner, or stay in tune with what's good to eat using our Seasonal Produce Calendar. 

Lions Gateway Tarot Deck 

Many Moons Calendar

Seasonal Produce Calendar

Astrological Planner

Classy frills to enhance the bod from head to toe

Cozy cashmere, moisturizing lip color, earthy scents, simple and statement jewelry.

Fiele Fragrances 

Noto Highlighter 

Wave Barrette

Cashmere Scarf

Anna Monet Earrings

Fur Oil

Bend Studs

Hi Wildflower Lipstick 

Salihah Moore Beaded Earrings 

Reminders and remedies for relaxing

Set the mood with room sprays and candles, get the facial kinks out with a jade roller, start and adaptogen regime for a healthier mind and body. We have all kinds of gifts to help you slow down. 

Peace Hand Sculpture 

Herbal Moon Bath 

Miwak Junior Ceramic Smoking device 

Leaves and Flowers Tea

Reusable Soy Candles 

A collection of our holiday best sellers and crowd pleasers

Perfect for gift exchanges, white elephants and last minute giftys! 

Salt Soak Test Tubes 

Beeswax Hexagon Candle Tapers 

Reusable Coffee Filter

Loop Handle Mug 

Everyday Oil

Brake For Wildflowers Bumper Sticker 

Dinner Bell Triangle 

Pinon Incense 

Mojave Candle Tin

Sage and Rose Facial Mist 

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