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Morning Coffee with Robbie and Sheila 

all together now robbie and sheila

I recently spent the morning with long time friends of the shop and fellow creatives Robbie Simon and Sheila Imandoust. We’ve known Robbie since college and Sheila since soon after that. Robbie is one of the first men to validate a statement we’re always making - that our pants are unisex! And Sheila is a proud OG Boob tote carrier.

The two of them relocated to Los Angeles from San Francisco almost 10 years ago and we’ve managed to stay in good touch.

This time around Robbie had just returned from a music festival in Paris (Paris, CA that is) and Sheila was working away on a deadline but we all made time for morning coffee in their home. I even managed to get them in their favorite Gravel & Gold gear for a couple snapshots...all before 10am.

My my, what productive adults we’ve become. I also tested out our new interview series All Together Now on them. Here goes!


1. Where do you live and how long have you been there?

We live in a neighborhood called Eagle Rock in Los Angeles. Robbie has been in LA for 8 years and Sheila for 6.


2. How did the two of you meet?

Sheila says we met at the Taqueria Cancun next to the Knockout before a show. Robbie doesn’t really remember but, in true SF style, we both had clocked one another prior to being formally introduced.

3. How do you spend your time individually?

Robbie enjoys working too much, taking his spoiled dog on three walks a day, gardening, and winding down with discogs. Sheila works on small scale clothing design, tries to read a lot, and trolls eBay for old clothes.

4. How do you spend your time together?

Due to Robbies successful conversion of Sheila into a proper NBA fan, we watch a lot of basketball together. At least this time of year. We also regularly take road trips, drink martinis at Colombo's, and make delicious pizzas at home.


5. How do you know Gravel & Gold?

It was that hippy spot next to Serrano’s Pizza and then Holly started working there. Years later, G&G gave Robbie his first art show for which he is still grateful. Sheila, an aspiring hippy, bought one of the early boob bags and still represents.


This print was inspired by our New Year’s Day hike in the Sequoia National Park, where we observed imprints left by leaves and plants where they had fallen. We arranged motifs and patterns in a style that reminded us of patchwork quilts and Japanese woodblock prints. The pattern is named after the earth's topmost layer of soil, the “O Horizon,” comprised of organic matter, leaves, twigs, moss, lichen, and pine needles that are beginning their process of decomposition.




Meet one of our three new fall colors: Clay.
She's bold and deep, yet earthy and wearable. Here is some of our inspiration behind your new favorite autumn staple!

Our fall collection arrives later this month. Stay tuned! 

Our Denim Painter and Placer Pants are back in stock next week so we have denim on the mind. We love all the things that denim can be: utility, visionary, sexy, fancy,'s as though it is but a...canvas...(get it?!)

We wanted to share some of our favorite denim moments and inspiration for our very own denim collections.

Are you also obsessed with denim? Whether contemporary or classic, denim is a constant source of delight for us, so share those moody blues and tag us on the gram with your favorite denim moments!

Also, take a look at our moodboard for more denim delicacies! 

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