Celebrating 10 Years of Gravel & Gold!

We happily celebrated our 10 year anniversary On June 1st 2018 and were nearly overwhelmed by the support we felt from our long-time customers, collaborators, and community. 

We want to give a special thanks to those who provided the party favors - to The Mill for an array of delicious pizzas, to Lo-Fi Aperitifs for whipping up and serving a delish summer spritz, to Chelsea of Omiomi for making a thoughtful series of desserts, inspired by our print archive and to Oh Happy Day for providing outstanding party decor which will likely stay up long past the official celebration. 




An additional THANKS! to those long-time vendors we worked with on collaborative anniversary pieces which are for sale in the shop and online. These special works are exclusive to Gravel & Gold and the quantities are extremely limited. If you miss them in the shop, we've got them documented here. Check them out. 


The Cascara Pendant Necklace is based on a pair of best selling Takara studs we have carried in the shop for the last few seasons.  We love how this tiny mussel reminds us of our California coastline and of happy days spent on the beach with Jen (Takara) herself. 

Zoe is a powerhouse of personality and creative energy. We love everything she does and says and are happy to spend any amount of time basking in her laughter, which we hope to catch a case of. These hand-painted salt and or pepper shakers feature her renderings of our prints and are another example of how she can pretty much do anything. 

We find Maria's watercolor style delightful and were thrilled when she agreed to capture our storefront in her likeness. We sell an array of Maria's products in the shop and she has taught watercolor classes here as well. Stay tuned, hopefully she'll be back. 

The ceramics of Great Escape Studio are some of our all time favorites. We love the way Sofia produces an organic sense of ease through rigorous skill and original design. We have a special relationship with this gal and are cheerleaders for one another, taking to heart our sometimes slogan "SEY YES". Thanks for this contribution, Sofia.

We have been proudly selling Salihah's beaded earrings since the beginning of her practice. We are in constant awe of this woman and the way that warmth bubbles out of her. Her designs seems effortless and we are in love with these adaptations of ours prints into beadwork.


Rachel was once a San Franciscan and will always remind us of the early days of Gravel & Gold and a San Francisco that once was. She spent a stint tending to our shop and started teaching her now infamous Sandal Making Workshops here in our studio and she and Laura Schoorl launched Pansy together at Gravel & Gold. We are so happy that Rachel has made sandal making and teaching her bread and butter. Right on!


Tania Skevos 

We've ogled over Tania's sense of color since we first saw her bead work around the neck of our friend Anna Von Hellens Ravi. Beads are her bread and butter but she's a multifaceted crafter, you see. As soon as we learned about her rag rug skills we realized she's the perfect crafter to absorb our fabric scraps that are too small to make it into our own recycled scrap projects like pouches and headbands. Here she has incorporated a range of our fabrics, dating way, way back into this Gravel & Gold Mandala of a project. 


Miwak Junior 

We've had a crush on this collaborating couple since we first heard Alice's southern drawl. We've been coming up with cooky event ideas like "Summertime Rolls" and "LL Cool Day" to hang out with them ever since. For our 10 years, Sebastian crafted an especially luxe pipe in our colors of blue and 14K gold (sorry Warriors). 



Shop our 10 Year Anniversary commemorative items HERE! 

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