Let's channel our energy

We feel grateful to be in California and especially San Francisco at this time of mass confusion. There is a lot of sunshine here but it is dark out there and there is work to do. My strong, awesome community of women : business owners, activists, witches, farmers, designers, artists, herbalists, psychics, teachers, students, midwives, mothers. Do not be overwhelmed or overcome. Let's put our powers and perseverance to work. What can WE do to spread the California dream? 

Open ears and an open shop to talk, hug, cry, pray, dance or whatever you need to do. 

We've outlined a long list of worthy causes and organizations to contribute time or dollars to. In this dark time, we can try to illuminate. 

This is an ever expanding list! Get in touch if you have an organization or cause you think should be included here. Contact amber(at)gravelandgold.com

East Bay Community Law Center 

Radical Monarchs

American Civil Liberties Union - has both national and local chapters; always amazing

Southern Poverty Law Center - A group of lawyers that fight hate groups

Sylvia Rivera Law Project - Low income representation for trans people of color

She Should Run A group fighting to get women elected

Running Start
- educating young women and girls about the importance of politics

Reproductive Health Access Project - trains and supports clinicians to make abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care accessible to everyone.


NARAL - Pro-choice America

Border Angels - migrant outreach in San Diego

City Slicker Farms - Their mission is to empower West Oakland community members to meet the immediate and basic need for healthy fresh food for themselves and their families by creating high-yield urban farms and backyard gardens. 

Ecology Center 
More resources can be found below, there may be some repetition: 

Man Repeller has compiled a great list of ways to take action

Jezebel - A list of pro-women, pro-immigrant, pro earth, anti-bigotry organizations that need your help.

The Huffington Post
: If you're overwhelmed by the election, here's what you can do right now. 

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