One of the ground-shattering design assignments we gave ourselves this Fall season was to come up with the most simple for-females T-shirt that we could conjure. Our inspiration was none other---

But how does Jane Birkin relate to Gae Aulenti, the guiding light of your collection, you ask? La Piscine, say I:

Surely, no matter your persuasion, the hottest hotness here is Gae's patio set, the most wonderful patio set ever designed, yes? 

Therefore we hope you enjoy our Windowpane T-shirt and others:


Holly Samuelsen was inspired by the the recurring grid theme in many of Gae Aulenti's projects to make our new fabric print "Windowpane." Shown here is Gae's La Grotta Rosa on the Amalfi Coast (1969–72) along with several grid garments we have going this season.

Gae AulentiMilanese powerhouse architect, designer of the Musée d'Orsay, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, guiding spirit to our Fall collection—occupied a killer pad. Obviously.

I first learned this in the pages of Leslie Williamson's wonderful book, Modern Originals, which includes a portfolio of Gae's home. Most of the images here are Leslie's. 

I've studied these images over and over, and I always pick up on a different detail. I admire the layering of pop colors and soft textures with industrial materials to make a place for doing what she clearly liked to do: reading, studying, napping, drinking cocktails.  

A lot is happening in these rooms, but it's all in balance. My eye goes first to the steel catwalk. But take away the floral rug or the suzani fabric on the couch, and you've lost the coziness, the sense of real life lived there. 

Napping options :0)

Gae is often singled out as a rare lady-architect. Of course any kind of lady-hyphenate-professional is an old fashioned, mixed at best, distinction. But in this case, I feel that Gae made a sublimely inviting home that feels both vibrant and feminine, especially suited for top shelf Lady such as herself. I wish I could spend time there reading and talking with her. 

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