Cliff’s Work Out

Cliff (A Potter) is a hardworking man.

Cliff Glover and his wife Marion Miller are ceramicists up in Albion, in Mendocino. They work from their home, where they’ve set up a wonderful showroom, studio, and kiln shed, as you can see here.

From the studio, they can look out at the forest and up at nice posters.

Here’s a look at Cliff’s admittedly he-ish bowls—

And Marion’s lovely, clearly she-ish bowl—

After a long day of work in the studio, these lucky two get to work out the clay beneath the redwoods.

We are delighted to be able to offer a selection of Cliff’s stoneware at the shop. We have small salad bowls, larger serving bowls, and mugs in right now, and we’ll put a few of the mugs up for sale on the website as well. They’re a real pleasure to behold and an even greater pleasure to use. Here they are taking in the astounding sight of Greenwood Cove.

Thanks, Cliff!

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