Holiday Blues

All of the blue-colored things in this photograph may be yours for the holidays, except for the Eames lounger, sadly. I know this because I have tried to obtain this from Lisa myself, friend. No go.

But the other stuff, yours. Allow me to get you in closer here:

Yes! Yes! Paste, Waldorfy beeswax block crayons, Jana’s new bath salt, Skydancer, Malia Landis ceramic abalone dish, and a cozy MacAusland wool blanket. But there’s more!:

Jeremy Redina’s moon calendar, getting cosy beside David Wilson‘s not blue, not for sale, not small, not not awesome Stones Seeds Carriers. By the way, David and KC and friends most recently:

Last, but certainly not least, we have two new Gravel & Gold Goods totes, a smaller one and a larger one.

Holly made only a handful of these with our remaining Panda Face printed canvas and stitched leather straps, hopefully there will be more available soon. They’re going for $120 and $135, respectively. We hope you like these guys so that we can keep making more fabric, keep working at it, keep making new things in the new year. Happy Holidays!


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