We’ve prepared a choice horde of things at the shop that might be nice to give to someone else or keep for yourself. These things include:

A Graphic Image date planner bound in natural calfskin or a joyful yellow. What self-respecting person wouldn’t feel entitled to buying one of these for personal use in the coming year? Mom doesn’t need one of those as much as you need one of those, there I said it. She’s always been organized, and now here’s your shot at attempting the same. Besides, she’s always so particular about her planners, nevermind that these are perfectly laid out, with lots of space for notes each week, maps, weight and measure equivalents, international dialing codes, address book section, and so on, and she’s sure to like them.

A set of four Opinel paring knives, also available here. Aren’t all your knives super shitty? Like, almost as shitty as your brother’s pathetic knife array?

Delicious Emmy’s pear butter, apricot conserve, tumeric cauliflower, and whole dill pickles. Hostess-correct, sure. But can you really handle them sitting all wrapped, uneaten and alone, until party season sets in? Don’t even bother with the toast, sister. Dig in!

If these look good to you, give us a call at the shop and we can send some out. (415) 552-0112


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