Black Friday Sale: 15% Off for Witches & Warlocks

Blessed Be Ye Skyclad Heathens

This Friday, in honor of all things black metal, sabbath, smithing, magic and mailing alike,

we will be hosting our first ever Black Friday Sale! Yep, that’s right ladies and gents, we are

giving all those mad shoppers out there 15% off the entire store on this most holy of holy shopping days.

For those who love to bargain hunt after being stuffed with Turkey all day prior (pun heartily intended) this one is for you,

but done our way. Expect witch costumes, Satanic chanting, licorice and Earl Grey tea.

Wearing all black is very much encouraged, very much.

So get ready little devils…

And remember, no running in the store!

Hymn of the Satanic Empire

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