Yosh Han

Yosh Smells So Good or Kimia is Persian for Alchemy



Introducing Kimia by Y O S H olfactory sense. Kimia comes from the Persian word for Alchemy. Fragrances in the Kimiaseries are experimental in nature and will change seasonally. They are limited edition perfumes intended to transform the spirit. To launch this series, we invite you to a Vibrational Perfumery workshop. In this aromatic workshop, we will smell over 30 materials and also explore basic perfume design. We will cover a little history and cover top notes, middle notes and base notes as well as fragrance families. With an emphasis on aromas that balance chakra energies, we will do Aromatic Attunements: guided meditations using essences.

The workshop will also focus its attention on Love & Compassion: 4th chakra and the heart. Attendees: please come prepared with a question or affirmation about Love. We will anchor a fragrance of your choosing to shift your energy around this issue. Special fragrances inspired by Gravel & Gold will be for sale that evening.