Gravel & Gold

The Hive and the Hum ✨🐝With Deva Munay

Sunday March 22nd from 5-7pm


Tune into the frequency of the honeybees and learn a brief history of sound as a transformational healing tool used worldwide. Enjoy a sacred sound activation with alchemy crystal singing bowls as we drop into a deep listening meditation to attune to the inner hive. Learn about honeybee health and how we can help our bee friends as we move from self-care to community care. How do we care for the larger hive of humanity? And how do we love and tend to our world more devotionally? A sweet sampling of liquid gold (honey) will tantalize your taste buds. Not to be missed! 

Deva is passionate about the transformational power of sacred sound. She has a certificate in Sound Healing from the Globe Institute of Sound & Consciousness in San Francisco and is a distributor for Crystal Tones Singing Bowls. She works at both Post Ranch Inn and Esalen where she leads Sound Journeys and teaches yoga, mediation and “the Hive and Hum.” She is the lead honeybee guardian at Esalen and is working to expand their apiary and educational program. She is the co-creator of the best selling book, The Moon Divas Guidebook and has a private practice that extends to the larger community. 

Gravel & Gold

San Francisco, California

Gravel & Gold is a design collective and shop in San Francisco, California. Our line of clothing, accessories, and home goods features our handmade prints. The styles are intended to be simple and will re-appear in different fabrics as the seasons go on. We hope that the joy we experience making these goods will carry on for the bearer down the line.