Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity

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Specific Gravity is a mix of colors, patterns and textures inspired by and derived from landscapes, seascapes, moonscapes and starscapes. In this work, Kylea Borges presents worlds that float like islands in space pieced together from exotic lands and celestial bodies. Meticulous line work inspired by antique etchings and traditional Native American crafts along with geometric shapes founded in mathematics create new textures and atmosphere radiating light.

In addition to the show, Kylea is proud to present a unique handcrafted product that meshes art with functionality. The final result is a hand woven and printed peshtemal, or Turkish bath towel. Peshtemals are a great alternative to the traditional towel because they are lighter, absorb water quicker and dry faster. They can be used at the beach, park, spa, as a bath towel or any place toweling is needed.

Each piece measures approximately 39" x 65" with the traditional tassels ends. Our Peshtemals come in 5 different colors with silk screened print measuring 55" x 31"? Each towel has been carefully hand printed by the artist in a limited edition of 25. From the weaving of the towels to the printing and packaging, each step has placed emphasis on the process itself.

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