Lloyd Kahn

Slideshow: Tiny Homes



At Lloyd Kahn's slideshow at the shop last year, he was kind enough to share a few photos from the project he was working on at the time, photographing tiny homes, tree-houses, houses on wheels, and houses on water. These scaled back abodes clearly resonated with Lloyd, and with the group assembled that night, as the inspired extensions of the handbuilt structures Lloyd first shared in Shelter back in 1973, and later in Home Work (2004) and Builders of the Pacific Coast (2008).

Now, finally!, Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter has arrived in print. These under-500 sq. ft. homes are timely responses to what's going on in the world these days. Lloyd would be the first to tell you that the giant domes celebrated in his earlier books all leaked, and that it's hard to imagine how folks have the time or resources to build much of anything these days. Undaunted, the over 150 owner-builders depicted in this new book have built homes high in function, thrift, and ingenuity on a scale that is attainable.

Please join us for a slideshow and story hour with Lloyd Kahn on Friday, February 24th. We'll get to take a look at images from Tiny Homes and hear about the adventure of making this exciting new book.

Lloyd Kahn

Bolinas, California

Shelter Publications has been operating out of Leslie & Lloyd Kahn’s garden studio in Bolinas, California for the past 40 years. They do all aspects of book production in-house and turn out about a book a year on a range of subjects that interest them—notably on homes and building, and also on fitness and stretching.

Lloyd was born in 1935 and got his college degree at Stanford. After