Reset: A Self-Tuning Workshop
Reset: A Self-Tuning Workshop

Reset: A Self-Tuning Workshop

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In this workshop you will be taught quick and simple Self-Tuning techniques to help keep your body in working form, your mind attentive and prevent or relieve common strains that are a result of our working habits. 

We are taught how to take care of the tools of our trade (hammers for metalsmiths, shears for gardeners, computers for designers…) so that they can hold up in time and optimally perform. We take time to ‘tune-up’ our equipment. But it is a more rare occasion to consider our body as an important tool that also needs tuning to perform over time.

All techniques taught can be done in the studio, office or home. They take no more than a few minutes each to perform and are appropriate for all types and all ages. They are perfect for in-between times of waiting, indecision or in moments you feel stuck---essentially they fit comfortably into your daily routines. Self-Tuning does not require special equipment or prior experience to perform but is guaranteed to increase focus, shift perspective, heighten connection to creativity and make you feel better!

Materials Included:

-Reset’s Foundation Stretches: Print, PDF, Audio & Video versions to use as reference as you continue to learn the stretches after the workshop.

-Reset Cats Paw: They restore a natural biomechanical balance to hands, wrists, and forearms that may have been lost due to constantly straining muscles in only the closing direction. You can relieve or prevent repetitive strain injuries, overworked hands, or carpal tunnel with the Cats Paw by regularly exercising and strengthening the opening muscles of your hands and arms.