Antonio Roman-Alcalíëí?

Seed Starting for Food Growing



This class will focus on the essential process of coaxing food plants from seed. There is a lot to consider when starting out growing veggies and fruits from seeds. Antonio Roman-Alcal will give us some guidance on the foundations for effective germination of tomatoes, squash, beans, greens, lettuce, and more, and some basics on maintaining your babies as they grow. The class is geared for the beginner, though for you already-experts out there, we will also dip into the world of seed genetics, biodiversity, hybridization, and a touch of seed saving.

We're asking that participants contribute a fee on a sliding scale, starting at $15. If you'd like to join us, please drop an email to

Also, big ups to Brooke Budner for creating the beautiful Save Seed sticker graphic, along with so many others, for The Greenhorns project.