Resist Dyeing Workshop
Resist Dyeing Workshop

Resist Dyeing Workshop

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I have a dream to dye my own fabric!

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day our friend and latest lady-inspiriation dye/quilt/color artist Ashley Thayer will be hosting a resist dyeing workshop for all of you dye-hards. She recently studied with Elin Noble at Penland School of Crafts and now, this new year, she's sharing her knowledge with us! Can I get a SEY YES!?!

In this session we will be playing with resist techniques inspired by dyers from Bamako to Arimatsu. Basic immersion dyeing recipes for procion mx dyes will be demonstrated and other techniques will be discussed. A set of four 20" x 20" napkins of a cotton/linen blend will be provided for each person to work with. You are also invited to bring prewashed white cellulosic fiber (no silk or wool this time) if you want to dye some yardage to use for Quilting for Newbies later in the week!

It is suggested to bring:
-Dishwashing gloves (any plastic gloves, the higher the better, if you can cuff them- bonus)
-Any additional undyed and PREWASHED cotton or linen fabric- white or natural

The workshop will take place on Monday January 16th at 5:00pm at the Mama Lion Annex in the Duboce Triangle.
(Address will be provided upon RSVP) Sliding Scale: Suggested $60 donation for instruction & materials.

Limited to 10 people: Please RSVP to