Moving Sidewalks: Found Photos and Folk Happenings 1967-76

Moving Sidewalks: Found Photos and Folk Happenings 1967-76

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Join us for the opening reception and exhibit of Chris Veltri's collection of ephemera sourced over the last two decades in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.  

Throughout his history at the Groove Merchant record shop, Chris has encountered a wonderful revolving cast of counter culture characters - freaks, hippies, Jazz men and ex musicians, radio and DJ personalities etc. Their style, music, and spirit along with the graphic direction of the show bills informed the focus of the collection.

The bulk of the images come from 25 years of regular flea market combing, and chance visits and house calls (of all varieties) for his record shop.

Another inspiration for Chris over the years has been friend and mentor Mickey McGowan. Mickey is a artist, archivist, local historian, record dealer and also ran the unknown museum in Mill Valley. His philosophy, knowledge, approach and unwavering conviction for what is Americana Culture had a huge influence and impact.

Mickey was also featured in OUR favorite book - the incredible " Native Funk and Flash".

Everything exhibited will be for sale.