Menstrual Cycle: A Curse or a Gift? Let’s Talk About It

Menstrual Cycle: A Curse or a Gift? Let’s Talk About It

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No time to be shy in this workshop! We’ll dive right into to asking questions, sharing stories and getting right into what we should’ve learned in sex-ed class, but didn’t. 

After covering the basics of menstrual cycle and fertility awareness, we’ll learn how to use the menstrual cycle, with all its ebbs and flows, as a gift that we can take advantage of. We’ll also cover herbal remedies & nutrition for a healthy cycle, and further resources will be provided.

This class will shed light on new perspectives of being a wombyn, so whether you are on birth control, thinking of getting off, or are birth control free, you’ll be empowered to make the best choices for your body and current life circumstances. Bring your notebook and a girlfriend to this class- you will not want to miss it! 

Veronica Ricksen is a clinical Western herbalist and creator of Kapu, a holistic care company for women. She loves making things and sharing information that help connect women to nature and their bodies. She recently self published the Menstrual Calendar Journal to educate and assist women in discovering the gift of the menstrual cycle, so they can live with more flow, ease and happiness.