Mead-Making Workshop
Mead-Making Workshop

Mead-Making Workshop

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Learn how to make mead! Sample rare varieties and take home 4 bottles of our special recipe just in time for Spring.

Mead, or honey wine, has been enjoyed as the drink of the gods for thousands of years. It's a magical, potent brew but it's simple to make in your own home kitchen.

In this workshop, we'll explore:

+ the magical lore of honey wine: from Zeus to Beowulf, the Aztecs to Queen Anne.
+ metheglin, cyser, pyment, melomel, hippocras, and other honey-based beverages
+ the health properties of honey and mead, and how one man lived to be 120 years old surviving on honey alone.
+ how to infuse your mead with fruits, spices, and medicinal herbs.

We'll sample odd and curious meads, including a Viking-style mead made with bee venom.

And of course we'll make our own batch of herbal mead!

Students will go home with a detailed instructional manual and recipes for brewing their own batches. After a month of fermenting, bottles of the mead we brewed in class will be ready for you to pick up at Gravel & Gold.

Seats are limited to 10 persons. Call Tomra at the shop 415.552.0112 or email to sign up!