Let's Talk About SEX!

Let's Talk About SEX!

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Hello. Nile here. So, I've got this over-sized anatomy poster that you see here hanging in my house and almost every time folks come to visit I end up answering questions about the anatomy and physiology of reproduction.

As a certified nurse midwife and nurse practitioner, I am unnerved by the number of very smart sexually active adults who know very little about their bodies and the bodies of their lovers, a subject I absolutely LOVE and love to teach. I thought I would like to share some of this info with the Gravel & Gold community in the form of an ongoing series of Sex Ed discussions, good for fellas and ladies of all ages.

I will explain some things. We will talk. There will, at times, be demonstrations of a kind, though not likely the style of demonstration favored by the Monty Python boys. However, I very well may wear spandex and launch into song like the Salt N Pepa girls so skillfully model. I urge you to do the same!

This coming Wednesday, September 15th at 7:30pm, I will host the first installation of Gravel & Gold's Adult Sex Ed discussion. This week's topic will be basic anatomy and physiology of the male and female reproductive systems and general contraception. This is your bod and these are your options if you want to hold off on the babies.

The next class will most likely be on the topic of birth (for those who are not yet pregnant). And the third one will touch on how to troubleshoot bad sex. Basically, How Not to get Pregnant, What's the Story Once You Are Pregnant, and How To Have Good Sex.

Yay. LADIES and FELLAS welcome! There will be visuals (use your imagination until Wednesday), tea and snacks, and time for questions. Hope to see you there!



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