Herbalism 101: The Kitchen Pharmacy

Herbalism 101: The Kitchen Pharmacy

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Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food. - Hippocrates

Have you ever wondered why culinary herbs are a staple in traditional foods? Their powerful flavors have timeless healing properties beyond taste, and have been utilized in the kitchen pharmacy for millennia. The kitchen is where family and friends gather to be nourished, and is the place we first look for preventative health care and when ill. 

Join Kelsey Barret of Heavy Nettle Collective to explore the kitchen shelves like never before to feast and fete! Learn to get the most out of your spice rack, and craft delicious medicinal treats to bring home.

+ Discuss various herbal preparations for illness, all found in your pantry
+ Learn the history of modern herbalism and its founders
+ Craft homemade herbal raw butter
+ Craft a culinary sprinkle for heart health
+ Craft herbal medicinal vinegar for food and hair health
+ Bring a pad and paper you'll want to write things down!

August 21st // 7pm -9pm // 711 A Shotwell St // $35 //

Email Tomra@gravelandgold.com or call the shop 415-552-0112 to reserve a place!