Fruit Salad Quilt

Fruit Salad Quilt

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Fruit Salad Quilt will feature ceramic plates, hand painted books, and quilts from Rebekah Miles. Rebekah hails from five generations of farmers and artists in Carpinteria, California, whose legacy inspires her to improvise her own handwork with materials from the past. The show's title is taken from the name of one of the three quilts included, which Rebekah stitches by hand using intuitive patterns and fabrics from her grandma's vintage collection. Rebekah builds the ceramic plates by hand and paints them with pre-19th century bird illustrations using mason stains. And the books are a collection from her dream library, which she covers with one-of-a-kind painted jackets.

Please join us on Friday, May 14th for a wild apple juice fueled party in celebration of the show, from 6 to 9 pm. The show will run through the end of June.

Thanks to Nancy Neil for her photographs of Rebekah's work.