Gravel & Gold

Unusual Business - An Art Show & Fundraiser

Feb 10th - March 10th 2017


The artwork will be up at Gravel & Gold until March 10th. 

Featuring work from: 

Rachel Kaye
Carissa Potter
Isis Hockenos
Chelsea Wong
Sofia Nohlin
Robbie Simon
Lea Carey
Daren Wilson
Alise Anderson
Justin Hager
Steuart Pitman
Terri Loewenthal
Nathaniel Russell
Mia Christopher
ainen Knecht

Chris Baird

Proceeds from art sold goes to the cause of your choice from our selected list :


Planned Parenthood

Border Angels

Stand With Standing Rock


Gravel & Gold
3266 21st St. S.F

Gravel & Gold

San Francisco, California

Gravel & Gold is a design collective and shop in San Francisco, California. Our line of clothing, accessories, and home goods features our handmade prints. The styles are intended to be simple and will re-appear in different fabrics as the seasons go on. We hope that the joy we experience making these goods will carry on for the bearer down the line.