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Erik Heywood's delightful new project Book/Shop will spring to life at Gravel & Gold this dark winter.

We're hosting the full assortment of goods available on Erik's website, including his current group of art and books covering poetry, fiction, and film united in the theme of sporting black and white covers, as well as a selection of design, tasteful (read: French) erotica, counterculture building, and kiddo books united in the theme of what Lisa and I summoned from Jeff Maser's collection, housed in that most hallowed warehouse. Also, we'll have in Erik's Book Cribs, Chair Side Bookcases, and assorted small goods, featuring bookplate sets that we produced along with Erik and Trevor Goosen over at the San Francisco Center for the Book.

If, like us, you're a longtime fan of Erik's blog on books, bookshelves, reading lists, and book what have you,, we hope you'll come by and enjoy some real paper, cloth, and boards. New folks welcome too.

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