Belt Making Workshop
Belt Making Workshop

Belt Making Workshop

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Steven Soria of Make Smith, Santa Barbara will make a sweet little coastal jaunt up to us on Sunday July 29th to teach us the art of belt making! For those of you who wanna get yer little paws in on some beginning leather-working, here is the workshop for you!

In this 3 hour class we will cut a belt blank from an actual cow-hide, size it to fit your waist, finish the edges, install a buckle and then dye it. Each person will leave with a working knowledge of basic leather tools, belt design skills and a completed belt that you've made 100% by hand.

The cost of the class is sliding scale from $75-100, which includes the leather, rivets, buckles, cutting and punching tools, and other materials needed to complete your belt.

Other things you will need to bring: A small notebook, a pencil, and closed toed shoes to protect your toes!

RSVP to ASAP as there are only 8 spots available!

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