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Gravel & Gold is delighted to join with Tartine Bakery in celebrating the work of Los Angeles-based artist Ashley Thayer. Ashley practices low immersion, vat dyeing, shibori, and various resist techniques used in Africa and India, allowing water to carry and resist marks on fiber. With these textiles, she makes quilts that draw inspiration from the quilting traditions of Amish, early colonial and Native American quiltmakers, as well as the improvisation in Afro-traditional quilts.

Tartine is hosting a show of Ashley's work, Aequum, featuring her full blown quilts, along with a group of paintings that serve as studies for the textile pieces surrounding them. We will be selling a selection of her hand-dyed items, including cloth napkin sets and silk scarves.

Be sure to catch the opening at Tartine on Wednesday, November 16th, enjoyably promoted by the beautiful hand-silk screened poster designed and printed by Paul Morgan. The show will run through January 18th, but we can't promise that the lovely wearable will stick around that long.

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