Saturn Press

Saturn Press

Swan's Island, Maine

Jim the printer and Jane the designer run Saturn Press on the remote Swan's Island in Maine. When Jim and Jane began their exploration into the world of card making it was at a time (1986) when most American printers were discarding their older equipment to make way for the new thus allowing Jim and Jane to purchase beautiful antique letterpress machines at a fraction of their usual cost.

Their greeting cards are printed by hand on recycled paper stock using traditional letterpress techniques on antique presses.

“We’re still at odds with the world …We employ two typewriters, some 3x5 card files, a stack of pencils and pens, and some carbon forms … Even the building we work in was built by us. Nail by nail, board by board, all by ourselves. Call us stubborn, antiques, dinosaurs. All compliments to us.”

Saturn Press Catalog, 2011

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