Sister Spinster

The Medicine of Flowers: A Flower Essence Workshop



Join Liz Migliorelli of Sister Spinster Apothecary in discussing all the ways in which we can use flowers as medicine. We will cover flower folklore, floral medicine, flower essences and essence making and all the beautiful ways in which we can celebrate our blooming friends! We will craft custom flower essence formulas to take home and talk a bit about the ways in which we can use the planets to enhance our medicine making. $40.

Email to sign up or call the shop 415.552.0112

Sister Spinster

Oakland, California

Liz Migliorelli is a western herbalist and magic maker who believes in affordable, accessible, community-based health care and the healing power of plants. She believes in the healing that comes from our own gardens, the local land and our kitchens. She is devoted to encouraging others to find empowerment through self-care and harm reduction, to find healing in a cup of fir tip and strawberry leaf tea, and