Takara Jewelry Trunk Show



The lovely Jen Goff of Takara Jewelry will be spending the day at Gravel & Gold on Saturday, May 31st. She'll be selling treasures made by hand in her Portland, Oregon studio whilst weaving tiny creations on her tapestry loom! Come take a look and find out more about the process behind Takara jewelry.


Bolinas, CA

Like many of our kindred kind, Jen Goff draws inspiration from the natural world to create objects new and wonderful for her jewelry line, Takara. Her lifelong love of plants and knowledge of herbs inform her choices in tools, materials and process; evident in her use of natural dyeing processes, fiber weaving and hand-hammering metals. 

Amulets are bound by intricate silk cord, elemental shapes are handcarved/cast. Logwood, Alkanet, Indigo, Cochineal, Kamala &