Captain Blankenship

Sweet Skin Salve & Balm Making Workshop



Captain Blankenship hosts a skin-saving winter balm workshop. Here is what she has in store:

Truth be told, I can't stand having dry skin or lips one bit. I bet you can't either. Let's not let that happen to us this winter! In this workshop, we will make our skin-skin happy and juicy now before the rainy months make us chappy. Prepare to make some tasty virgin coconut nourishing balm for your hands, feet, dry spots, face and lips that will have your skin and nose singing as well as an herb infused healing salve for extremely dry moments, cracked skin and scars.

Tins and ingredients will be provided and will be organic and wildcrafted (all herbs come straight from the captain's garden!). We will play and create with local beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, virgin coconut oil, herb infused almond oil (which we will make together) and essential oils. You will go home with a balm and salve which will keep you protected all year long and then you can make more and more forever more. The workshop will cost $35 clams/person. Please RSVP to to sign up.

-The Captain

Captain Blankenship

New Paltz, New York

Captain Blankenship is a one-woman workshop founded in 2009 and run by Jana Blankenship from her home. When Jana was a child she loved mixing her mom’s discarded perfume into signature fragrances like “Scents of Hawaii.” These heavily sniffed concoctions resulted in an allergy to synthetic scents, but also led to her love of smells. After starting to make her own lip balms at home and