Gravel & Gold

Spring Swap



The sun seems here to stay and so the official changing of the wardrobe guard is upon us. If only I didn't abhor everything I own while at the same time feel unwilling to pass things down to an anonymous drop box. Must be time for another grand SWAP MEET PARTY! From 6 to 8 pm, Thursday night, bring on down all your has-beens and take home some ah-has.

The first item I'll be offering up is this photograph from the first year I moved to California. I've been holding on to it in my photo library all this time, though I've long forgotten (or never knew?) this fella's name or his story. I've decided to spring clean him from my hard drive, but not before sharing his shiny Lorax spirit with others who might appreciate it as I have. And now there's a little bit more space in my life and a little more joy in yours.

Gravel & Gold

San Francisco, California

Gravel & Gold is a design collective and shop in San Francisco, California. Our line of clothing, accessories, and home goods features our handmade prints. The styles are intended to be simple and will re-appear in different fabrics as the seasons go on. We hope that the joy we experience making these goods will carry on for the bearer down the line.