Lloyd Kahn

Shelter Slide Show III



We are very pleased to announce that Lloyd Kahn will be joining us for a second Shelter Slide show! He'll be sharing his most recent discoveries, interests and works and will talk about his most recent publication Tiny Homes on the Move: Wheels and Water, a follow up to his previous book Tiny Homes.

If you would like to attend and RSVP would be helpful! Send that to tomra@gravelandgold.com

Lloyd Kahn

Bolinas, California

Shelter Publications has been operating out of Leslie & Lloyd Kahn’s garden studio in Bolinas, California for the past 40 years. They do all aspects of book production in-house and turn out about a book a year on a range of subjects that interest them—notably on homes and building, and also on fitness and stretching.

Lloyd was born in 1935 and got his college degree at Stanford. After