Homestead Apothecary

Plant Medicine for Beginners



Nic Weinstein of _Homestead Apothecary will be instructing us on how to make folk medicine using herbs and gems and, while we learn and do this, we will be discussing various healing properties of the plants and crystals. This workshop is designed for folks who have been curious about this craft but are unsure where to begin. Everyone will go home with a tincture, gem essence and new skills to motivate you to keep playing with the plants. $40 is the price, folks. Let's begin!

Email or call the shop 415.552.0112 for a spot!

Homestead Apothecary

HOMESTEAD APOTHECARY is located in Temescal Alley in Oakland CA. It's the perfect place to explore herbs for just the right ingredient for your home brew, culinary masterpiece, relaxing bath balm or the perfect remedy for your mid winter blues.

The shop is a homage to the plants. In addition to dry herbs they offer handcrafted tinctures made in small batches using