Gravel & Gold

Meet Your Makers Party & Sale



Friday, December 16th, we're hosting our annual celebration honoring our contributing Makers!

We're offering an all-day sale to both Makers and regular mortals. Makers take 25% off everything in the shop, andregular folks take 10% off. We'll also host a party in the evening from 7 to 9 pm. The costume theme this year is: Winter Clothes that are Striking and Rainbow. Darlings, when isn't that the theme around here?

We lost Charles Woods this year. He made us this extra-long card and weäóÁ—Èll miss him.


Gravel & Gold

San Francisco, California

Gravel & Gold is a design collective and shop in San Francisco, California. Our line of clothing, accessories, and home goods features our handmade prints. The styles are intended to be simple and will re-appear in different fabrics as the seasons go on. We hope that the joy we experience making these goods will carry on for the bearer down the line.