Emmy's Pickles

Emmy's Pickles Rasta Pepper Jelly Workshop



When we signed up to have the folks of Emmy's Pickles host an Autumnal workshop, pepper jelly was the first hit on our list of savory canned treats. Through the natural progression of heavy fun having and theological discussions about layered dips and the like we decided that a tri-stratum of red, yellow and green pepper jelly was a MUST.

Join experts Emmy, Jonah and Jah on October 7th to learn the art of making pepper jelly! From 5:30 - 8:30 we slice, dice, puree, pectin-ate and rasta-rage while layering yummy peppers upon yummy peppers. Jars, labels and veggies will be provided but please bring your favorite and sharpest knife for fine-dicing and a cutting board.

The cost of the workshop is $40 doobies which includes instruction and supplies. Bluaup! Diddly-woah-oh oh and may we please caution that this class is not for those afraid to cry in public. Be prepared to whimper. If not from the mighty laughing and reggae dancing then from the hot aromatic stingers of a room filled with palpable spicy peppers. Goggles and gloves? Jah says why not!

Class is limited to 10 spots. Please RSVP to em@gravelandgold.com or call the shop at 415-552-0112.