Isis Hockenos

Art Exhibition : Two Girls Three

April 20th 2016 6PM - 9PM


Two Girls Three, a collection of paintings by Isis Hockenos will be up in the shop until May 20th! 

"The selection of paintings that make up Two Girls Three focuses on my growing awareness of the silent, unacknowledged, often incidental work that I’ve experienced and also witnessed the women in my life do, constantly. There is a female sense of urgency, of responsibility, of bondage that insists we maintain momentum and forward pressure no matter the context. There is no name for it, small concrete evidence of it. However, there is joy, ease, playfulness and efficiency that comes from women working together. By fostering instead of suppressing these instinctual approaches, in every facet of life, we can begin to rebuild the social construct that is currently bisected by a gender-normative chasm."


Isis Hockenos

San Francisco, CA

Isis Hockenos is a painter living and working in San Francisco and West Marin, CA. Hockenos is influenced by the wind and the salt and the craggy shores of her native Northern California coast, while being inspired too by the urban angles of the cities in which she has lived. 

Hockenos studied visual arts and creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College, NY and printmaking at Fondazione Il Bisonte in Florence, Italy. Hockenos