Sitting in the Park

Our Spring 2023 textile print, Sitting in the Park,  is an update of our 2017 print collaboration with Primo Pitino, Climbing in the Wind

This new edition showcases Primo's illustrated faces intricately woven into a backdrop of abstracted flowers. We have undertaken an in-house update to this print, reworking the pattern and repeat using illustrations sourced from our  archive of Primo's drawings.

We have printed the fabric in two captivating colorways, introducing new and vibrant options. The fabric itself has been carefully selected to encompass a range of textures, including canvas, cotton jersey, and linen. This versatile fabric has been skillfully transformed into a small capsule collection, featuring a variety of clothing items, table linens, and personal accessories.


Part of the motivation behind the reworking of this print stemmed from the news of Primo's relocation from San Francisco to New York City. We felt compelled to commemorate Primo and his invaluable contributions to the vibrant art and music scene in San Francisco. This print serves as a celebration of his artistic journey and the indelible mark he has left on our city.

During a recent afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit Primo's Hunter's Point studio. There, I had the pleasure of leafing through a stack of illustrations and party flyers that encapsulated a span of two decades. As I sifted through the collection, I couldn't help but ask about the recurring themes in Primo's work.

In particular, I was curious about the elements found in our print collaboration - Primo's flowers and faces. They are abstracted and gestural, while unmistakable, and woven together seamlessly.

To my delight, I discovered that it all started with cats. 


If you look at some of primos earliest party fliers, cats abound. Sometimes solo, sometimes in clumps. They were the stars of the Oldies Night fliers from the late nineties, well into the mid 2000's. In 2017 Primo was asked to mural-ize his cats on Valencia St. for the facade of the Parlor Gallery. But the cats go back farther, to his youth, when he drew a comic strip featuring mischievous furry friends, causing trouble. 

Over time, Primo's cats evolved into faces. Partly an exercise in communicating deeper meaning and feeling through line drawn expressions, and partly just because Primo sees a lot more faces than cats.

As a full time DJ, Primo has spent 20 years conducting nightlife, and passing through a crowd. Primo's faces possess a myriad of expressions, ranging from elation to anxiety, crafted with a seemingly spontaneous stroke that effortlessly merges into the background. It's as though these faces are momentarily captured, traversing a foreground of hazy atmospheres and vibrant disco lights, before ultimately dissolving back into a blurred mass. This interplay of presence and transience adds a captivating dimension to Primo's artwork.

Primo's faces convey a distinct and identifiable message, while his flowers delve into a more abstract language of interconnected forms and shapes. This allows room for both the viewer's and Primo's own interpretation.

The fusion of these motifs in our textile print is remarkable, as it adds a touch of realism to the traditionally romantic floral patterns. The juxtaposition of Primo's expressive faces with the organic beauty of the flowers creates a captivating visual experience. It invites viewers to engage with the print on multiple levels, embracing both the familiar and the imaginative.