climbing in the wind
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Climbing in the Wind

Primo Pitino

Primo Pitino is a demigod of San Francisco saturnalia. For the last decade plus, he has DJed and hosted dance parties: Oldies Nights, the Tuesday night ‘Slow Jams’, ‘Club Lonely’ the a rave-ish techno party, and the drag show ‘Woman’ are some of our current favorites. As the cultural landscape of San Francisco has changed, Primo’s parties have remained, attracting folks who join forces to dance and carouse, to find joy and catharsis.

Primo is also a fantastic visual artists. He cut his teeth with spray paint, and has developed a unique style of drawing and painting on paper. Moved by the turbulent throngs on his dance floors, Primo populates his work with crowds of faces, cats and/or flowers, intertwined in ecstatic chaos.