Happy 15th Birthday to us and Bon Voyage Primo Pitino!

For the last decade +, we have been following Primo Pitino. Through his multitude of epic events and parties, he has introduced us, and the bay area at large to music of all genres and styles. 

Along with Primo's events come his hand-drawn flyers featuring dancing cats and psychedelic fonts, often including cryptic messages of nihilism and affection.


These fliers are what first inspired us to call on Primo for a print design collaboration back in 2016. Since then his images have proliferated, on walls and facades and in galleries and of course, at parties.             


This year we learned that Primo is relocating to New York City, after his 25 year career as a party maker and dj in San Francisco. 

To celebrate Primo and his impact on San Francisco, we issued an updated version of his Gravel & Gold fabric print for our Spring 2023 collection. It includes new illustration elements and a new color way. 

You can see the whole collection of "Sitting in the Park" printed products, here and read all about our print collaboration in the Print Archive .


Serendipitously, this year Gravel & Gold is celebrating 15 years! So we thought it fitting to celebrate, for perhaps one, last time, with Primo as our host. 

 With Primo at the helm, we're taking over his weekly Slow Jams Party at Make Out Room as our formal after party. 

Primo fashioned a flier to commemorate the event, which we printed and made for sale, here. 







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