G&G Gals

The Ladies of Gravel & Gold are a tight bunch. We have lived, traveled, skinny dipped, cried, cooked, antiqued, and celebrated with each other for some years! It is our intention to bring joy to others, to be open to suggestion, and to shed light on work we admire so as to inspire. A current round up is represented, but there exist many other G&G Girls. 

Lisa Foti-Straus

With Nile Nash and Cassie McGettigan, Lisa founded Gravel & Gold in the spring of 2008. Lisa delights in the many-ring-circus feel of Gravel & Gold. As a co-designer and coordinator, her work is often of a visual nature, but sometimes includes gentle haggling to keep affairs running well and heading towards expansion. Her favorite things about the shop are searching out odd and beautiful objects and connecting great people to great people. Trained in video and film production at Harvard College and as a visual artist for all of her walking existence, the project of Gravel & Gold has brought new mediums to her practice. She loves to create prints directly from the objects and buildings that are on her mind. Brought up in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Paris, France she is solidly a 5th generation Californian with a lapse in the 4th.

Cassie McGettigan

Cassie founded Gravel & Gold in the spring of 2008 along with Nile Nash and Lisa Foti-Straus. Cass is the visual wizardess and co-designer of all that takes place at Gravel & Gold. With an abiding love for textile design, Cass has created many of the prints that are featured on our goods, including the much-loved "Boobs" print. Her research bone and deep digging skills allow her to bring our attention to new and overlooked delights, adding joy to the G&G blog and expanding our perspectives. Her subjects include women working, not to miss artwork, fantastic publications, and Tom Waits. Cass shares an Upstate heritage with Lisa. She studied religion in the southernly realm, traveled many places, and has settled for a long meantime in San Francisco.

Tomra Palmer

Tomra (Tom(Deb)ra) is the major manageress of us all, supporting Gravel & Gold's systems and the abounding group of ladies with skill and the driest of hilarity. A native Cali-girl, Tomra studied Anthropology at good old U.C. Berkeley to prepare herself for the task ahead. Her research on sustainable textile production and cotton cultivation led to time in India, where she was compelled to contemplate color. A previous incarnation running a sci-fi publishing house gave her the chops to handle this odd bunch of gals. She organizes our events and workshops, inviting a constant stream of artists and characters into our space. You can often find her in the shop tending to needs there! We've never seen the same outfit twice.

Holly Samuelsen

Holly takes joy in the details. As the mistress of manufacturing for Gravel & Gold, she oversees production from the chicken scratch sketches to the French seam finishes. Her instinct for joining the pragmatic with the delightful is the thread that runs through all we make. This includes her lunchtime blessings, which bring together a keen knowledge of hippie cuisine and haute Mission fare. Holly commenced assisting Gravel & Gold from a rainbow-walled tailoring shop she ran close by on Valencia Street. Shortly after, she joined the Ladies of G&G fully and she’s has been manifesting objects here ever since. Always an artist, Holly graduated from the CCA Textiles Department, where she studied textile history and surface design and later with the brilliant Russian Master Tailor Victoria Abashidze, with whom Holly did a post-graduate apprenticeship. Her skills have also been lent to the San Francisco Opera's costume department, where her great joy was taking part in the Zandra Rhodes production of Aida. She be from Davis, California.