Young In The Mountains

    Mill Valley, CA | Mariele Ivy is the artist and designer behind Young In The Mountains. 

    As the daughter of a wooden boat builder & an avid gardener her works have always been inspired by the symbiosis of humans & their environment. Raised in Western Montana, her early life was spent in the rivers and the woods, exploring and creating art inspired by the beautiful surroundings.  

    It was in a 1920s barn turned wooden boat studio that she created her first jewelry piece at the age of 5. A thin blue ribbon strung though a oyster shell, simple and natural, a harbinger of what was to come.

    After studying anthropology and fine art at university, Mariele moved from the mountains of Montana to spend time in the eclectic sea side city of San Francisco. She established her design studio in the San Francisco Bay Area to create work that reminded her of what it was like to be YOUNG IN THE MOUNTAINS. Where you listen to the seasons changing, to energize your aesthetic and mood. Where there is only room for simple, purposeful & inspired design & everything else is gone with the shift of the breeze.

    She has since studied silversmithing in northern MEXICO and lapidary at GHOST RANCH in the American Southwest. 

    Mariele now maintains two studios, jewelry is created in Mill Valley, CA and you can find her covered in clay, working as a member at the Berkeley Potters Studio in Berkeley, CA

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