Miwak Junior

    Los Angeles, California | Miwak Junior makes unexpected functional ceramics. 

    Sebastian Boher, the designer/maker behind Miwak Junior, is a fine artist and master printmaker from Chile. He holds an MFA in Experimental Animation from CALArts, which is what originally brought him to California. He first begain working in ceramics as a community college student, continuing his studies post CALArts primarily as a way to stay in the country legally, but he soon fell in love with the medium. 

    He makes clean, clever aquatic sculptures for aquariums - 'fish homes', as he calls them -  as well as these ceramic connectors. Sebastian created an organic design that 'feels like a smooth pebble stone in your hand, an object that connects you to nature.' 

    He hand-built his first connector as a birthday gift for a friend and also as a personal experiment to see if he could make something truly functional in ceramic that wasn't dishware or a vase (although he loves dishware and vases). As friends and family began asking for their own connectors, Sebastian perfected the functionality of design with each one; creating the perfect distance from the bowl to the mouthpiece and hollowing the connector to create a big chamber. 
    The connectors are cast in white porcelain and stoneware clay(s), and sometimes in a combination of the two. They're fired at cone 10 temperature to make them sturdy and finished by hand to make them smooth. 

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