I didn’t intend to draw an entire deck of playing cards. I left my salary job as an in-house graphic designer to pursue the world of freelance. But, as it’s known to go for people who choose this path, the carpet was ever beneath me waiting to be tugged. One day I showed up to my office and there was no work to do. With a wife and two kids at home, I couldn’t be idle — so, as a discipline for the mind, I began designing a single playing card, the jack of spades. It turned out pretty well. The next day I showed up and still no work. So I designed the queen of spades. After three feverish months of this pattern, still workless, I had, to my surprise, finished designing an entire deck of playing cards.

    I was flat broke. I was working hard, but with no income to show for it. It was at this low point that I asked my officemates to help me put together a pitch video and I launched the playing cards on Kickstarter. To this day I'm in awe of it. It was a smashing success.


    Above all things, we believe in the integrity of hard, honest and fair work. Every person has the inherent right to it and we have a personal relationship with all of our manufacturers, like the United States Playing Card Co., based in Erlanger KY.

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