Micaela Greg

Micaela Greg

Berkeley, CA

Micaela Greg is a knitwear label founded by San Francisco based sisters, Marie and Karen Potesta. They strive to design visually bold knitwear by combining modern geometric patterns, intermingling textures, and deceptively simple silhouettes. Their focus is to design quality, made to last garments with American manufacturing at the heart of the brand.

The collection is proudly made in California, and constructed of the finest quality Italian yarns with the softest hand feel.  A small number of pieces are made in Peru in Fair Trade factories with Alpaca yarns from the local vendors. We collaborate closely with local knitters and seamstresses drawing on their expertize while supporting local industries and art forms.

Born and raised in a quiet suburb outside of Detroit, Karen and Marie grew up cultivating a love for art and fashion.  Their Italian grandparents  - one, a master dressmaker, the other, a shoemaker and inventor - were their greatest influences.  With unlimited access to their grandparent’s sewing supplies and workspace, they spent most of their free time fabricating their imaginative ideas. Inheriting a love for meticulous craft and innovation, the two went on to further refine their skills.  Marie earned a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art and then a Masters Degree in Fashion and Knitwear Design from the Academy of Art University.  She was granted a CFDA Scholarship for emerging student designers and her final collection debuted at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City.  She also won the prestigious Avant-Garde Gen Arts International Styles Award in 2008. Karen earned a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering, then went on to study Fashion Design and Patternmaking at FIDM.  She then spent 7 years designing for Levi Strauss & Co. Armed with the invaluable knowledge gained from their education, and years of sisterly collaboration, Karen and Marie joined forces to pursue their lifelong ambition and launched their knitwear label Micaela Greg.

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